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  • Jonathan Evans

    Jonathan Evans

    Life at the creative confluence of aviation and software... Loving father, veteran pilot, and techno-buddhist. Journaling in public until the story is over.

  • Sam Duboff

    Sam Duboff

    head of creator product marketing at spotify; former head of marketing at medium

  • Jordan Erenrich

    Jordan Erenrich

  • Taralyn Tietjen

    Taralyn Tietjen

  • Jillian O'Connor

    Jillian O'Connor

    Seattle-based writer.

  • AltiscopeHQ


    Creating Blueprints for the Sky. An A³ project. For more, visit altiscopehq.com.

  • Jen Yip

    Jen Yip

    Community builder. Appreciates baroque silence, brainy bookworms, and rainbow sprinkles. Find more of my writing at renaissancecollective.co

  • Maxim Egorov

    Maxim Egorov

  • Jessie Mooberry

    Jessie Mooberry

    Pilot & technologist

  • Karthik Balakrishnan

    Karthik Balakrishnan

    Project Executive at @airbussv. Prev. CTO @Coin, Aero/Astro @NDSEG Fellow @Stanford, @NASA, @AerospaceCorp, @UCSanDiego. Gadgets, UAVs, rockets, satellites.

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