Congratulations United, you did it!

A United 787 Dreamliner on approach to London’s Heathrow airport. Photo by Lewis Smith.

The Dreamliner is the most amazing, sophisticated airplane in the world. It is a space-age plane built with carbon fiber, LCD dimming windows, and mood lighting. Yet airlines managed to destroy the experience onboard this modern marvel.

I flew the 787–9 for the first time with ANA Business Class —…

Philadelphia Night Skyline” by Chris Hunkeler.

Explore offbeat Philly instead of the convention tourist trap

The Democrats descended on the city of brotherly love for the 2016 convention. Ahhh, Philadelphia. It’s a direct, gritty, stubborn city filled with love and affection… as long as you’re rooting for our team. After all, our fans famously threw snowballs at Santa while booing him. Classy. …

Joe Polastre

Pilot 🧑‍✈️, sailor ⛵️, product leader 👨‍💻

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